Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Retro: Car Giveaway

After listening to A.J. Lindsey and others regarding KAAY's appearance in 1962, he said they were scared stiff at how KAAY sounded, with the new "hip" music and slick deejays.  Here was his comments about a giveaway KAAY started in 1962:

"Continuing the contests memories. KAAY signed on September (Labor Day weekend as I remember.) 1962. I was Program Director at KXLR. With KAAY, a total of four stations in the market were top 40. We had heard on the street, that KAAY was going to give away a car. So, we got our crack sales department to go out and trade out a car to give away. KAAY's contest was to give away a car a day for a month and ended the promotion with a car an hour for 24 hours. Mike McCormick (PD at the time) always thought big even for 1962. The run of the mill contests, the news tip, etc. were usually small dollars."

The whole link:

Thanks again to A.J. and the Lindsey family for allowing us to carry on his work here.

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