Monday, November 30, 2015

George Barris, Friend Of Jonnie King, R.I.P.

Jonnie told me many times that, with his other ventures, he was greatly blessed to rub elbows with other Greats- this one being George Barris, the "Car Guy" who made the Batmobile, the Munster cars" and others a reality.  In Jonnie's words, regarding George Barris:

"I have finished-up a Special Tribute Page for George Barris, and it contains TWELVE of the BEST Interviews that we did between 2006 & 2014.  George's memory banks were always spot-on talking about any of the ground-breaking rides that he & Sam built.
To make it easy to access these historic builds,  I've listed ALL 12 stories on the Page with a synopsis of each.  And, they can be accessed by clicking-on the Link for each story. 

AND, WHAT STORIES THEY ARE !   The "Batmobile", the "Munsters Cars", the "Hirohata Merc", the "Ala Kart", the "Golden Sahara", the "Aztec", the "Larry Ernst Chopped BelAir", "Sam's Chopped Merc", "Street Racing, Bullet Holes, and, TV/Movie Cars", the "Little Deuce Coupe", the "XPAK 400" Hovercar; and, the "Burgarin Merc" !!!

Here's the direct Link...and feel free  to put it on your FaceBook page & to pass-it-onto anyone you think might enjoy it:

Again, sincere thanks...George Barris was truly "The King Of The Kustomizers".

Jonnie King"

Thank you Jonnie!  I hope everyone enjoys the links, etc.  My respects to the Barris family for their loss, may his imagination and creativity live forever!

Bud S. (

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