Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Retro: November 1963... of the bleakest periods in our modern history.  A. J. Lindsey posted about the assassination of John F. Kennedy:

I've got to go through them, but there are some important links on his original post; the KAAY tapes involving the news broadcast were lost, as well as the two-hour documentary Jim Pitcock and staff put together....

Other stations thought that, since George J. Jennings just happened to be in Dallas for vacation, that KAAY had actually sent him to cover the news!  This made KAAY gigantic in their eyes!

I don't remember the actual news about the assassination, but I do remember the funeral procession on TV... I remember asking my mother why everyone was so sad...she shushed me and left me in front of the black & white console TV...this is what I remember, someone posted it on YouTube:

I was barely five years old...and I remember....Belmead Street, Prichard, AL.

Bud S. (

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