Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Jonnie King's Christmas Extravaganza!!!

Bud, I wanted to send you the Link to my yearly CHRISTMAS MOVIES LIST...before it was too late !
Here's the Link, I've added many to the "extras" section....and, as of  last year, I added your "Better Off Dead" film if you remember. (I watched it again...it is really cool !":


ALSO, am attaching a pic of yours truly from the Spring of 1969, shortly after I got to  KAAY.  (Man !  That guy looks young !!!)...

...AND, a pic of me in the KAAY FUNMOBILE on Dec. 6th, 1970, at the 'TOYS FOR TOTS" yearly event:

 Bud, thank you for the George Barris Tribute add...you did a GREAT job !  (Jonnie, THANK YOU, you did all the work!  BS)

More later, my friends, God Bless you & yours with a warm, wonderful Christmas, and, a healthy, happy 2016 !

Jonnie King

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