Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Retro: Christmas & KAAY

I remember when I was a teenager, going to school during the day, working nights & weekends and listening to KAAY blasting into Mobile, AL.  I'd sent an e-mail to A. J. Lindsey about those days and he'd posted it:

"This comment from Bud:

Hello again, Doc! This time of year (Christmas) reminds me of KAAY even more....I always will remember the Toys For Tots going on in Little Rock. One of my plans was to take as much vacation as possible, drive up and stay in Little Rock during Christmas. Alas, due to my family (I was the oldest, holding things together, in a broken family) and my work ethic, I hardly ever took time off, so this dream never took place....

Nonetheless, just listening to KAAY during the Christmas season bolstered my spirits and fueled my imagination! Thanks for the memories!"

...followed by comments by Dave Montgomery about the blue "Funmobile"... here's the link:


One of my goals was to help with the Toys For Tots toy drive.  I thought it was cool how the Marines and bikers would team up and keep this thing going, all the while KAAY deejays did marathon stretches at the mic aboard the "Funmobile" remote.

Good memories...sorry I never acted upon it.  Merry Christmas, all!

Bud S. (staceys4@hotmail.com)

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