Monday, April 4, 2016

Ear on Arkansas - The Ear Year 1968, Side 4

OK, we're winding down...had enough yet?  We hope not, because the players of "Ear On Arkansas" have one more side for you!

"Theater of the mind"... was what radio created.  Ah, nostalgia- and the spicy images the players of "Ear On Arkansas" provided!  Steely wit, sharp comments, barbed comments all skewered the intended targets!  Can't you just see their targeted objects squirming in their chairs one minute and laughing at themselves the next?!?!?  Matters of public interest were brought out in the glaringly satirical light with nowhere to go.  As it mentioned in the album: "KAAY stopped counting lawsuit threats years ago, since it's too time consuming."  I wonder if any of those threats were brought?

Nonetheless, we must push on and steel ourselves for more rib-splitting laughter at the expense of "Ear On Arkansas'" targets...thanks again to Greg Barman for getting these tracks down so we could get them here for your enjoyment:

And one more picture, in memory of my friend Jerry Sims, posing with his own red album from 1967.  Without Jerry's prompting and my wife's assent to scrimp & save for the trip, much of this material- and newfound friendships- would have not been possible.  Thank you, Jerry and the Sims family- and thank YOU, dear reader and visitor, for giving us the forum to allow us to share these sometimes rare and hopefully well-loved memories!

Thanks, Greg!  Job well done!  And THANK YOU, Tony Meyer, for your donation for the blog!  Ever so grateful!

Bud S. (

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