Thursday, April 28, 2016

Memoirs And Memories

Folks, I have some rare time off and an evening to myself that I'm not totally worn out and in bed-yet- but it's near time for dreamland, since I have an 18-hour day to work tomorrow....

Nonetheless, I'd just gotten off the phone with "Steve Scott" (Steve Morris) minutes ago and he mentioned gathering "stuff for posterity" so his family can enjoy him when he's gone.  Steve is 69 years young now and is chock-full of memories.

I've mentioned this to David B. Treadway and a couple of others that they need to jot down some notes of their memories; it doesn't have to be fancy prose or edited for each little detail.  Just MEMORIES for someone to enjoy.

So, I have a challenge for all The Greats out there.  Get a tape recorder or a CD recorder and a decent mic, turn off the TV, maybe put some music on, low volume, and start recording your memories.  I don't care if you ramble on and if there are rabbit trails, as long as the memories flow!  Make sure your family knows where these tapes or CDs are so they can go back and listen to your voice and memories for a long time to would be a gift they would cherish forever.

(CD or other digital media will last MUCH longer than tape.)

And if you want, please put down your radio memories and get in touch with me; we'll put them here, in your own voice, for everyone to enjoy.  And keep it family-friendly!  Please?  Pretty please?

Bud S. (

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