Friday, September 23, 2016

Beaker Street Head Bed - updated re-post

Over time, internet sites can disappear along with the historical information contained on them.  We want to preserve the information on the creator of the spooky music bed used on Beaker Street --  Nik Raicevic and the 1970 Buddah "Head" LP.

There used to be a writeup about the Head LP and Nik on, a psychedelic music site about obscure and out of print albums from the 1960's and 70's.  But that site has recently disappeared.  Here is a capture of the info from that page:
Fortunately the information about the Head LP on the site -- "dedicated to the hippy in all of us", ha! -- is still up:

And finally here is the music used for the Beaker Street bed, from the 17:00 minute cut "Cannabis Sativa".   



  1. I have about 30+ hours of beaker street would anyone be interested in these? I have put a lot of time and money to converting these from cassette to cd's. Also I have the original cassettes. Anyone interested?

    1. I am interested in your 30 hours of Beaker St on CD's, assuming the price is reasonable. pls email me at

  2. I don't get the feeling that the person who started this blog keep up with it. I am interested but I'm just an old fart who grew up faothfully listening in Crowley La. I think you have a treasure and wish I could hear it.

  3. I would be interested in the Beaker Street audio.
    Also would anyone else be interested in trying to get Clyde Clifford in the R&R HOF.