Friday, September 9, 2016

Beaker Street with Ken Knight on July 29, 1974

Our series of airchecks from Monday July 29, 1974 comes to an end with a "new" Beaker Street show, hosted by Ken Knight, who did the show for a year or two.  This telescoped aircheck starts from 11:13pm to Midnight, with music from Mahogany Rush, Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, Sparks, Deep Purple, Bad Company, Black Oak Arkansas, Nectar and others, plus that famous spooky 'Head' bed.  And there is a bit of a spot from a regular advertiser, the Texas band Baby.

There is a break in the aircheck after Midnight, and it resumes from 3:40-4:13am when KAAY goes back to top-40 and Ken Knight keeps rocking.

A big Thank You goes out again to Joe Martin of Wichita Falls TX, who sent us an old reel of these airchecks for us to digitize and share on the Blog.  We've always known there are STILL plenty of tapes of KAAY in people's attics or basements, just waiting to be discovered and enjoyed again.   Do you have any old tapes of the Big K?  Let us know!

Greg Barman

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  1. Greg:
    Glad I could help with this. On a side note, one of the members of the band Baby is from Wichita Falls.