Monday, February 6, 2017

The Final Listing, From Doug Virden

"Here is the final telephone listing I have for KAAY this is from the 1977 Little Rock telephone directory.  There had been some changes to KAAY over the past year, first KAAY was under new ownership, Multi Media took ownership of the station the previous year, second KAAY moved to a brand new building located at 2400 Cottondale Lane, third it was also the first time KAAY had a sister station, it was KEZQ located at 94.1 FM at the time.  You can see it a few listings down.  On a final note, the 7th Street building had been torn down by the end of 1976 to make room for the expansion of I-630.

Here is the front cover:

...and the back cover:

By this time, touch tone phones were growing in popularity.

A pic inside the Cottondale building 40 years later.  I had the privilege of visiting the Cottondale building a couple of months ago, 94.1 is still located there and is a Classic Rock station known as The Point 94.1.  There are a couple of other FM stations in the building and they are locally owned and operated   In the pic with me are morning host Rick Steel and Promotions Director Chuck Gatlin.   The engineer's shop is now located where the KAAY studio once was."

Thank you, Doug!  You know, what with newer social media technologies such as Facebook, there are more things like this popping up, then disappearing.  I am glad that this blog is serving as a repository for everything KAAY (and related).  You know you can come here and, with a simple search, find everything on a subject you're interested in: pictures, audio, etc.  Folks like Doug are helping us keep it alive...won't YOU?

Send us your stories, your memories, etc. of what KAAY meant to you...thanks!

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