Monday, January 30, 2017

To Maurice Miller's Comment

Thanks for your comment, Maurice,

Rest assured, even though we've come to information only coming in dribs and drabs, we will continue to try and find more KAAY treasures to share here.

Greg Barman, Dave Schmidt and I have encountered numerous challenges with life as we get older, but we are tackling them as they come at us.  And, even though I don't see myself as "owner" of this blog, I have been thrust to the forefront as the "leader".  Yes, I had the idea to continue A.J. Lindsey's blog, but no one, not even his family, had the login information- so the Lindsey family graciously allowed us to start a new blog, a' la A.J.'s efforts and in his memory, as well as the memories of the other KAAY Greats....

I have to hand it to Greg and Dave, however; even though I was highly motivated, these two guys have been the technical nuts and bolts behind it all- I couldn't do this without them, no way!  These guys are the cream of the crop and rose to the top, out of an original nine folks (ten, including myself) who I contacted about getting this thing off the ground.

So, with that, how about YOU contributing some of your KAAY memories, please?  Just drop them to my e-mail below and we'll get them here!

Bud S. (

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