Tuesday, April 18, 2017

KAAY Getting Cleaned Up?

"Giving an update on what is going on at the KAAY transmitter site.  For the 1st time in about 12 years, the KAAY Transmitter Site has finally been bushhogged.  Found this out on another Facebook page so I went out the next day to take a few pics.  The property inside and out is being cleaned up.  You may be able to see the dumpster by the transmitter building.  The work is in progress in getting the original signal restored."

Thanks to Doug Virden for this picture he snapped a few weeks ago!  Keep up the good work!

Someone's ideal scenario is that KAAY does an about-face and revives the rock & roll music format, while retaining some of the Christian programming in other time slots/blocks...that coming from a Facebook post.  I agree.

Thanks, Doug!

Bud S. (staceys4@Hotmail.com)

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  1. Corporate radio is imploding. Word has it that Cumulus the parent company of KAAY could be filing bankruptcy within the next couple of weeks. Don't know if this will have any effect on the work currently being done to restore the signal. This work either had to be done or turn the license in and shut it down. This is how the talk spread like wildfire that the station wasn't coming back on the air when it was off a couple of years ago. Makes me wonder how they came up with the money to restore KAAY's signal. The other corporate conglomerate iHeart may not survive this past year because they have so much debt they have to pay off this year.