Monday, October 22, 2018

Keith Parish "Ray And Ram" Aircheck

Here is another Keith Parish contribution!  This one is of Ray & Ram...I know we've mentioned this "duo", but I don't remember us having an aircheck here on the blog!

This one is marked May 14, 1980, from about 9:35 to 10AM and aired on KAAY (AM) and KQ94 (FM).  You can still hear some "artifacts", but Greg Barman, our audio specialist,cleaned it up quite well.

There are a couple of interesting commercials, so hang on!  I wonder if Acme Brick is the building supply division of the company that the Coyote ordered his goods from?  The news lady was Linda Johnson about 16:45 through the recording...was this her real name, or a radio name?

There was mention of "the hostages are still being held...what are YOU doing to get them released?"  Jimmy Carter was president at this time.

This is a good long, continuous aircheck (just like some of us like!) but with a few gaps (forgivable, on long un'scoped airchecks), so sit back and enjoy!

Thanks to Greg and Keith!

Bud S. (

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