Friday, October 15, 2010

Dave M. Comments, Re: Woody

David B,

I just read your remarks about Woody. It brought back a flood of memories about him, and a tear or two.

I didn't know Woody nearly as well as you and some of the others. But I do remember his presence, his big grin, hearty laugh and welcome demeanor. You're right - he was a real source of energy that was infectious and wonderful. Thanks for your words - they are a wonderful remembrance.


And from David B.:

"Can you believe this big ol' softy (referring to Dave Montgomery)? Just another example of the love, acceptance and camaraderie that was all OVER KAAY before Multimedia got it.


Makes me wonder why I didn't run away from Mobile, while I had the urge, to go work at KAAY, when I was young and impetuous!
Thanks, Dave M. and David B.!
Bud S (

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  1. dbt said: "before Multimedia got it."

    And that was a dark day indeed. Ray Taylor/Coyote Kincaid called them "Murphymedia, the Home of Pretzel Logic."

    Can anyone recall how long Pat Walsh survived under Multimedia? Do we need a calendar or a clock?

    By the time that I came along, Phil Zeni had just left for TV sales and Carl Hamilton had just been installed, and every manager between Pat and Phil was rumored to be a completel disaster.