Friday, October 29, 2010

"Listen- And Then Listen Some More!"

There is a lot of fun stuff that goes on around Halloween!  Radio shows, such as Orson Wells' "War of The Worlds" is one memorable show that seems to make the rounds this time of year.  What with station consolidation, network programming, etc., there is very little original programming any more.  In speaking with a fellow radio nut the other evening via Ham radio, we lamented as to the degradation of AM radio.  Nonetheless, a little nugget can be found here & there, at times.  Especially at this holiday....!

(Don't forget to check out Jonnie King's websites, previously mentioned in this blog!  Good stuff!)

Don't be scared, kiddies, to spin that dial after dark, while you're awaiting trick-or-treaters!  Some of the 50,000-watt stations may still have some temporary holiday fare to enjoy.  If you have shortwave monitoring capabilities, "pirate radio" stations usually operate like crazy on Halloween.  For shortwave, listen on on 6955 kc's (kHz or kiloherts, to you young 'uns!), plus or minus a few clicks.  Some operators use AM, still others use upper or lower sideband, which is NOT conducive to good music audio quality....

The above cartoon was found in a 1962 publication and was cut-n-pasted from two different cartoons and the punkins' faces were drawn in.  I like old cartoons, don't you?

BOO!  Have fun this weekend, stay safe and let us know what you hear over Halloween!

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