Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Don Payne Airchecks, WZPL, Indianapolis, IN

I was recently contacted by Delvan Roehling, a fellow radio enthususiast, who read my plea on the RadioInfo message boards about Don Payne and wanting an aircheck, ANY aircheck, of him from anywhere.  I'd searched the world over and not found anything of him at KAAY (yet, but I'm persistant!), but Delvan graciously put this compilation together for us to enjoy.

This collage spans the years 1986-1990 at WZPL, to Delvan's best guess; you'll hear several mentions of months and years.  Delvan also worked at WZPL in the research/promotions department in 1990-1991.  He mentions that he looked up to all the guys on the air...and that Don was one of the more memorable ones.

Please enjoy what Delvan has put forth; thank you, Delvan!

Don Payne Airchecks, WZPL:   stream   |   download

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  1. I sure do miss that voice and Don very much.I should have married him many many years ago when he asked. It is so sad he's not around any longer.