Monday, February 7, 2011

Jerry Sims/"Sonny Martin II" And Herman's Hermits

Jerry just keeps surprising us with little bits of history!  One picture below appeared on A. J.'s blog and the other has NEVER been on either blog- what a treat!  These little bits of history are wonderful to share and experience and I am SO grateful to everyone who sends them in.  Herewith Jerry's words:

"On the front row left to right....Doc Holliday (Ray Brown), who came to the station for a shoot-out with Emperor Holliday (A.J. Lindsay) and ran him out of town (A.J. went into sales) Next is me, Sonny Martin (Jerry Sims) , then Buddy Karr (Bob Mullins)."

(Handsome feller, wasn't Jerry?  Still is!  bs)

"(This) one has not been seen on the blog. The year was about 1966. In the picture are George J. Jennings on the his right is Rock Robbins (Tommy Riggs)....and Herman's Hermits. They had just arrived in Little Rock's Central Flying Service for a concert.

Makes one wonder where all the nice-looking, nicely-dressed rock musicians went, huh?

For all you Herman's Hermits fans, there you go, courtesy of "Sonny Martin", a.k.a. Jerry Sims...or something like that....!  Thank you, Jerry!

Bud S. (

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