Monday, May 9, 2011

Beaker Street's Last "Final Day", Feb. 6, 2011, Part 1

February 6, 2011 was the last "last day" of Beaker Street on KKPT.  I say "last day", since we've seen Beaker Street have a final day here and there on different radio stations.  Especially dear to our hearts was April 3, 1985, which we labelled "The Last Day" in earlier posts.  A lot of hearts were rent then, when KAAY went to be with God, as Clyde said.

At the time I write this, Beaker Street has found no home; there have been some offers, but none nearby, travel-wise, to be attractive to Clyde.  Maybe something has changed in the meantime.  Clyde did mention in an interview that he was enjoying Sunday nights with family.

Nonetheless, Beaker Street was dumped by KKPT's new General Manager, saying it "wasn't profitable".  I've heard that what's in it's place hasn't garnered any great ratings....

As promised earlier in the year, here is the latest "last" Beaker Street, in five parts...this is Part One, compliments of Dave S. and his intrepid skill in capturing and archiving the audio.

(or  stream/download  from the archive page)


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