Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Comments From "O'Brian"

Hello to Bud, Wayne Moss, all my old pals at the Mighty 1090, former listeners, and especially my dear old friend, Steve Scott! I just spent an hour and a half looking for the tape of that last night when Farley supposedly ended up in the river. I looked and looked, and I know I have it, but could not find it. Steve and I had this stunt planned for a week, and all week leading up to Friday (which I knew was my last day before heading to Denver) I was talking about how my good friend Steve Scott was coming to town, and Farley Knuckles would be there and how I had invited them both to be on the show with me Friday night. That was the set up - plugged it all week. Then on Friday, Steve "showed up" with me on the air, and we joked between the songs about where Farley could possibly be. We were having a great time and couldn't wait for him to join us. Then, near the end of the show, the song fades and you can hear me on the phone, in the background, very seriously asking questions like, "Where? How long ago? and so on. I think Steve was acting like he was trying to cover for me. Then, if I remember right, (gee it's been a long time) I hung up the phone, still in the background, and I think I blurted out like, "they found Farley, I have to leave." Steve then pretended to stumble around, and said I'd be back in awhile, maybe Farley passed out at a bar or something. Several songs later, Steve is still doing the show, and he answers the phone on the air - says he knows it's me calling in. Now I must tell you, the next part was recorded earlier. Steve asked me what was going on. In the most saddened solemn, voice I told him (over the air) that they found Farley's body in the river - he had been shot dead. Steve reacted so sorry, and told me to come back to the radio station. And then, I had my closing line - I said something to the effect, "No, I can't ever come back until I find out who did this to Farley; so long Steve." Then Steve says, well, okay, I guess this is the start of the Steve Scott show, and then played the last song of the night - Terry Jacks, Season in the Sun! (goodbye to you my old friend...) It was a hoot - the phones lit up, and Steve and I laughed our butts off. I hope I can find that tape. But, the tape we ought to have is the one with the out takes of Steve and I trying to record that last bit. We knew we could never pull it off live without cracking up. And, while trying to record it, we did indeed crack up to the max - especially me trying to say they found Farley in the river. Those were the days of fun radio - many great memories of KAAY - maybe someday I will relate the story of when I fell asleep on the air doing Beaker Street, or, how I almost caused a prison riot on Beaker Street, and, and, oh well, just old memories of some fun days in Little Rock. Sorry this turned out so long - gee, it's supposed to be a comment! Love to all, God bless you! O'Brian

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