Friday, March 16, 2012

"Mike McCormick" Revisited

In my constant reseach to bring you, dear reader and visitor, as much historical information about KAAY and The Greats thereof, I occasionally run upon a kernal of information.  Such is with Jim Hankins, a.k.a. "Mike McCormick"....

"Mike McCormick", Jim Hankins, from KAAY's early days, and numerous stations before and since then, had a definite impact on radio everywhere he worked.  440 Satisfaction lists all the stations with which he worked

and Jeff Roteman's page gives a little more history

I had the great fortune to speak with Jeff Roteman the other evening, who was very gracious and helpful in updating me about Mike McCormick.  The picture above is from about the era of his employment with KQV in Pittsburgh, PA.  Jeff's link above gives some information about Mike McCormick's tenure there.  One of the personalities we all recognize who worked with Mike at KQV and WLS was Gary Gears.  Jeff has a WLS page with a great Gary Gears aircheck:

For those of you who may not remember, Mike was very instrumental in KAAY's early days, especially during the Cuban Missile Crisis.  The picture below is of Mike when he was at KAAY.  For much more information, please type "Mike McCormick" in the upper left-hand search box and click the spyglass....

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  1. Hello Radio historians, Jim Hankins a.k.a. "Mike McCormicK" is my dad. He lives in Austin, TX now with my mom. If you'd like to contact him you can email him at I'm sure he would love to hear from you.
    Denise Hankins Overton

  2. Thanks Denise. I spoke with your mother today (1/9/15). I wish them nothing but the best. I have this on my WLS site, . You may reach me at 717-241-6007 Jeff Roteman