Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Two Bo Rider/Beau Ryders Surface!

"Yeah KAAY! I just found this site too--great to read about the names I either grew up listening to...or worked with in Riverdale (I can't believe the building is gone!). Keep up the great work and comments, so we know where folks are--like Crunch--congratulations on your retirement! Haynes Johns (Beau Ryder--7pm-Mid Monday-Friday/Music Director)"

This was found as a comment on one of the Personnel posts...and I'd like more info for the readers, please! Haynes Johns, would you contact me at my e-mail address below, please? Thank you!

(We'd always shown the name as "Bo Rider", so looks like we've maybe been corrected!)

ALSO: Dave S. found a comment on the Podomatic account we use for this blog, involving another "Bo Ryder"'s his comment:

"Don and I worked together at his very first gig in Little Rock, AR.. KSOH & KAAY late 70's...Allen Williams"

The "Don" he mentions is Don Payne; this comment was attached to his WZPL aircheck sent in by Delvan Roehling.

Allen Williams, would you also contact me at my e-mail address below, please?

And, if anyone out there knows either of these gentlemen, or know how to get in touch with them, please contact me as well!

(P.S. Actually, it was the 1425 W. 7th Street studios that were torn down for the I-630 interstate; KAAY was reloacated at the Riverdale business park and today, houses the KKPT studios. Riverdale still

Bud S, (

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  1. Is that Allen Williams, originally of DeWitt, AR and KDEW AM & FM, or a different Allen Williams?

    Skip Kendel