Sunday, September 9, 2012


MY FIRST DAY ON THE AIR WAS SEPTEMBER 10, 1967...45 years IS a long time !

But. I want to Celebrate by honoring two of my closest friends who were there with me before I ever became the "me" that you know today.

My friends DON PIETROMONACO (KXOK's Johnny Rabbitt) and GAYLE McCORMICK (Singer of the R&R Classic "Baby It's You") were two of the BEST !


Don was one of St. Louis', and the countries, leading Air Personalities; Gayle was a Superstar whose humble beginnings in St. Louis led to National & International fame as a recording artist: with A Group Called Smith, and, later, as a solo artist.

Don, Gayle, and, myself were linked together, personally & professionally.  In fact,  with Gayle & I there is a KAAY CONNECTION that you will read about in my Tribute to her.  

You'll also see how her career and mine ran side-by-side from our time in Rabbitt's "Bat Cave" in St. Louis, to Hollywood for Gayle, and Detroit for me...all within a fast-tracked 5 year period !

These stories are a History lesson in Radio in the 60's & 70's, Music changes during that same time period, a Chronological History of both Gayle & myself...showing how the link was indelibly forged, and that Don was the catylist for the THREE of us.

You'll also learn of the mystical, magical, event that caused me to write the Tributes that you'll read...and no the were not based on "coincidence".

Gayle's Tribute Section was a massive undertaking that required 10 days and 60 hours worth of work...but I was there from the beginning, and my first-hand memories of all the events documented needed to be written, so neither Gayle, nor Don, will ever be forgotten.  I loved them both...they were the truest friends you could imagine.

Thank you, each and everyone for FORTY-FIVE FANTASTIC YEARS !  

(You will love the King-KAAY-McCormick Connection helped "put us on the map Nationally"  !)

Here's Gayle's Link:
(Don's is at the Bottom of Gayle's Page !)

My humble thanks,


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