Thursday, September 27, 2012

Eric Thomas, KAAY, September 27, 1981

Here is Eric Thomas again, working the graveyard shift!  First time heard here was 12:08 Sunday morning.  Did you hear that phone number for those requests?  "Your favorites as close as 433-0059, area code 501".  As before, 'scoped, from the studio...but still enjoyable!

If some of you listeners may or may not know, many deejays made recordings of themselves, to constantly market themselves to prospective employers and to listen to themselves, to constantly improve their "delivery".  Many of the deejays here were very critical of how well they sounded to the public and constantly worked on their voices and their delivery.  You can tell a quality professional in how he or she presents himself or herself- the work shows!

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Once again, my hearty thanks to Dave S. for ALL his hard work here, and to Russell Wells for his audio offerings- despite my constant research and questions to both!

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