Wednesday, July 31, 2013

KAAY: Ray Lincoln And Mike McKenny

Some information about Ray Lincoln has been posted here on this blog, but I'll let A. J. Lindsey tell you about this audio clip in his own words:

"Return with us Preident. Carter, snowstorm in LR and Pryor announces for Senator.

Perhaps the headline should be "Short clip of Ray Lincoln chatting with newsman Mike McKenny". For many reasons this is a great audio sample to save. In view of Ray Lincoln's recent passing it might be good to review an AP report:
LITTLE ROCK (AP) - Ray Lincoln, a longtime central Arkansas radio personality who created colorful characters to entertain listeners on their morning and afternoon drives, died Monday. He was 64.  Lincoln had a heart transplant in 2003, but his cause of death is not yet known, said his wife, Maxine Coday.  Lincoln worked at several Little Rock radio stations starting in the mid-1970s. He retired in 2000, after anchoring the afternoon drive show on KARN-AM 920.

"Ray was an enormously talented person, and he had the tremendous good fortune to get started in radio when it was still an awful lot of fun and owned by very competitive smaller companies," said Pat Lynch, who worked with Lincoln at KARN in the 1980s and '90s.

At KAAY-AM 1090 in Little Rock, Lincoln worked a morning drive show where he created alter egos like Ram Led, a west Texas cowboy, and Sport Jackson, a horse handicapper

To me, Ray was a DJ's DJ. He was one we always tried to listen to."

---A.J. Lindsey, Sept 29, 2006

(or download here)

This post originally appeared on A. J.'s blog on Friday, Sept. 29, 2006...Ray Lincoln must have passed away the previous Monday, Sept. 25:

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  1. This is when AJ first started the KAAY blog.

  2. I cannot count the number of people who swore up and down that Sport Jackson was, indeed, a black man. That's how good Ray was at doing characters. (There are usually some things that will "give it away," but never with Ray.) He also left us with some great wisdom:

    "Hey, this is only radio. If WE screw up, nobody dies."

    I make it a point to dedicate my show to his memory whenever a new season of horse racing begins at Oaklawn Park in Hot Springs. I know that he and Mr. Jackson are in the stands somewhere!

    David B. Treadway
    Doc Holiday VII
    The Last PD

  3. If you want to hear some of Ray's "Ray and Ram" show from 1980, there are at least five airchecks on youtube now. Search: Ray Lincoln radio to bring them up.

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