Monday, December 8, 2014

Beaker Street April 3, 1971 Part 1

In this version, I believe it is Tom Perryman's voice in the introduction.  Tom's voice was used for years at KAAY, who would sent a request to WAKY, Tom would record his voice on tape and send them to KAAY, who would then build on it and change it tremendously!

I've talked with Tom a few times and can recognize that voice today!  Tom mentioned that he was amazed at how KAAY would make his voice sound so much more effective with sound effects.  Tom's voice is STILL amazing today!

OK, I know, you want to get to the good stuff!  So here goes with Beaker Street from April 3, 1971:

Lately, as I drive to work in the pre-dawn times, I've been reliving memories of listening to Beaker Street while driving all those many years ago.  I am eternally thankful to those who thought to record all this audio we're able to share today!

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  1. "Beaker Street" airchecks are wonderful, especially listening to them late on a Saturday evening!