Monday, December 1, 2014

Beaker Street Change, Part 2....

The other change that occurred on Beaker Street was that of the 17:52-length background music bed entitled "Cannabis Sativa" on the album called "Head"  This was an oddly other-world music bed played behind Clyde Clifford's voice to mask the huge fan noise from the transmitter only 10-12 feet away...and it was very effective!  As a young lad, it ran chills up & down my spine as I listened late at night....

It was recorded in 1970, under the Buddah Records label, at the Gold Star Studios in Hollywood (CA).  The artist was a Los Angeles-based electronic musician known variously as Nik Raicevic or Nik Pascal.  You may- or may not- be surprised to know that it was recorded using a Moog synthesizer!

This is another album I'd like to find, for historical value.

Side A, which Clyde used, held "Cannabis Sativa"  Side B held "Methedrine" and "Lysergic Acid Diethylamide".  This was definitely a "druggie" album...

The credits and notes are as follows from


  • Artwork [Coloring Book Drawings]Cathy Siracusa
  • EngineerDoc (14)
  • Other [Credits Coloring Book] – Neil Bogart, Richard Robinson, Soulful Soozin
  • Producer, Composed By, Photography By [Cover Photo]Nik Raicevic
  • Synthesizer [Moog]107-34-8933


Recorded at: Gold Star Studios in Hollywood.
Electronic Music from ART IN SPACE.The sound of numbers for soaking in soft dreams. Sweet moments and private notes making a rhyme into a habit. An album that creates the ultimate environment for the smoke generation.
Taste it.
Original released in 1968 as Numbers on Narco Records / Cat.# nr 101.
Comes with an 8 page coloring booklet

 I believe Greg B. had posted this before, but since we're going for the historical value of Beaker Street, we'll give you the audio again!  Hit it, Greg!

And so, we enter a new era of Beaker Street...thank you, Clyde, for being so innovative!  Please stay tuned....

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  1. Oh, I remember this! Nothing like it! It brings back good memories! Back in the day when we still had all of our friends and family around us! Just didn't know how much we would miss them!

  2. The Doherty Continentals were efficient, but still made quite a racket at the 50KW level!