Wednesday, December 17, 2014

KAAY Phil North on the weekend before Xmas 1970

"Phil North" (Eric Chase), because of his talents and voice, was said by one of The Greats to be "an amazing young man".  Many of us agree- he had "that voice"!  We pondered whether we had any more Christmas audio by any of the deejays of KAAY and I found this!  We'd posted it before, and agreed it was fitting that we bring it enjoy!  This is from Saturday night, December 19, 1970:

I see Dave S. over there, dressed in his Santa suit and dark glasses, starting to sample the egg nog...I see Greg B. over there in HIS Santa suit, sampling the finger sandwiches...I'd better get MY suit on and dive into the goodies, too, before they're all gone...MERRY CHRISTMAS, EVERYBODY!!!!

Bud S. (

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