Monday, February 9, 2015

Clyde Clifford Interview about Beaker Street

This is a re-post of one of the few interviews that Clyde Clifford has given about KAAY and Beaker Street.

In 1995, Clyde Clifford did this phone interview with Jim Snowbarger, a self-described radio nut, electrical engineer, KAAY fan and internet radio producer/host in Marshalltown, Iowa.  Jim sent me a copy of the interview several years ago and gave his okay to pass it along to this blog.

The interview lasts about 29 minutes and Clyde talks about:  The beginnings of Beaker Street;  how the spooky background music bed came about; whether the KAAY transmitter site was haunted; the transmitter studio equipment; the last Beaker Street show on KAAY in 1985; his Beaker Street shows on FM in 1995; his day job at UALR; and why he's still unflappably happy.

Greg Barman

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