Sunday, March 1, 2015

KAAY's Bob Robbins & O'Brian on Beaker Street - October 3, 1973

This is Bob Robbins with KAAY's regular Top-40 format in its final half hour leading up to O'Brian with Beaker Street, on October 3, 1973.

You'll hear Bob promo Beaker Street and "some of that dope smokin' kind of music."  Then, "Impact", a short public-affairs break.  Finally, "Greetings Northern Mid America!" and Beaker Street rolls with O'Brian, starting off with music from the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Joe Walsh, and War.

"O'Brian" was (and still is!) a friend of "Steve Scott" (Steve Morris) from that era and has been mentioned here before.  "O'Brian's" name is Mike Verdicchio, who now runs a number of very successful businesses today.

Thanks to KAAY's former PD Wayne Moss, for contributing this cassette aircheck to the Blog.

 Greg B & Bud S. 

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