Monday, March 23, 2015

May 1975 Beaker Street with Ken Knight

Here is another aircheck of Beaker Street with one of the post-Clyde Clifford hosts -- Ken Knight.  Real name: Bill Jackson.   This was recorded off the skywave at my home in Evanston IL, just north of Chicago in May 1975.  It includes the intro for Beaker Theater, and a "Greetings to the great Southwest" ID.  Sorry for all the static, it must have been a stormy night!  

Note all the concert spots for venues as diverse as Minneapolis, Des Moines, Baton Route and Tulsa.  They all bought airtime to advertise their shows, knowing that Beaker Street and the 50,000-watt reach of KAAY was a great way to reach music fans beyond those cities.

Greg Barman

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  1. I prefer airchecks with a little atmospheric noise, it makes the experience a little more real, like I was "there" again!