Thursday, May 21, 2015

The 30th Anniversary Reunion, Part 2

As promised, we're continuing on with other pictures from the KAAY 30th reunion, compliments of Doug Virden.  All of these are of pictures from a board outside the room of various other pictures plastered on a display board.  You'll see Sonny Martin accepting an award, an earlier picture of himself in the studio, a collage of photos, the blue Funmobile in one picture, Ray & Ram billboard from later FM days and a couple others...By the way, who are they guys in the bathtub?

Remember when we posted a couple of these awhile back of Sonny (Matt White)?

Love those old radios!  You know, REAL radios glow in the dark!

R.I.P. Ray Lincoln....

Can anyone name these KAAY KQ94 personalities, please?

And WHO are these guys in the collage above, hmmm?  Maybe Sonny & Bob???

OK, one last installment to go!

Bud S. (

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