Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A Listener From Cuba Checks In

"Come new times, new winds blow . After all, you KAAY (Baker Street),
have a place here in the heart of many Cubans. Bud visit us soon, we
are waiting with open arms, please bring to Clyde .
You could post the photos on your blog . Best regards


This was a message via e-mail from Ramon Peraza a few days ago.  He'd also sent a few pictures of Americans and Brits who visited Cuba, with no known dates.

The one that seems to fit is Mick Jagger, taking some time off in Havana....

Thank you, Ramon!

If you remember (and for those just visiting), KAAY's nighttime signal enveloped Cuba and much of the area around- folks in the Caribbean, Central and South America also heard the signal!  See the nighttime antenna plot below:


This also shows why so many people to the north could hear KAAY, too!

Thanks to Ramon for checking in!

Bud S. (


  1. KAAY was actually limited to a signal level of 1800 mv/m toward Havana. Without this limit, KAAY might have installed 225 degree towers (the theoretical height for maximum radiation) instead of the 199 degree towers that it has now and have a stronger signal than it had while operating at 50,000 watts..

  2. I grew up outside Redfield in the 1970's. This map explains why KAAY used to drown out everything else on my old shortwave radio at night, no matter what frequency it was tuned to; we were living right in the middle of its southern directional beam, so its 50,000 watts overwhelmed the tuner.