Friday, October 30, 2015

The Jonnie King Halloween Special!!!

Jonnie King needs NO introduction for those who listened to KAAY  Without further ado:

"This is G-R-E-A-T: "GEORGE BARRIS MEETS THE MUNSTERS AT THE DRAGSTRIP" !  Here's the Direct Link...PLUS, there's an Intro by Grandpa Munster !
(If any of the guys on the Blog do FaceBook...this is a "FUN/MUST" !)

(That Yvonne DeCarlo- va va va VOOM!  Bud)

 Here is the 2015 (Updated) "Halloween Film Rarities" List:

 AND, this is the Link to the COMPLETE "Main Feature" Page:
 A little over 200 Hours were required to put this together like I wanted it.  It ties all areas together: Film, Music, Radio, TV, Cars, and, my old friend "The Amazing Criswell".  ALL best-viewed on a Laptop or Desktop...they're built for the big screen.

 Best witches, er, wishes, for more "Treats" and no "Tricks" this Halloween !


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