Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Beaker Street Airchecks Archive

Our blog's audio archive (see the links to the right) has lots of Beaker Street airchecks buried in it, but you have to search for them!  A few days ago, Kenneth Hawkins, one of the members of the Facebook group, Keep Beaker Street Alive, posted a link to his public Dropbox archive of Beaker Street airchecks.

Here is the link to the airchecks:

And here is the link to the Facebook posting:
(You have to login to Facebook to read the post --- sorry, that's Facebook for you....)

I took a quick look around, and it appears that all the known 1970s airchecks are in the archive, as is the final hour of Beaker Street when KAAY went gospel.  There is also a sizable collection of the FM versions of Beaker Street, including many of the shows Clyde Clifford once had posted on his website, which have since disappeared.

So, if you are missing some airchecks, this is the place to go to find them!

--Dave S.

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