Saturday, February 6, 2016

Happy Belated Birthday, David B. Treadway!!!

I was remiss in not getting this on sooner, but when I realized David B.'s birthday had arrived, we already had a post in, I still want to wish him a happy birthday, only a few days late.

I will not reveal how young David B. is, because I am nearly where he was when I met this gentle giant a few years ago.  I am still in awe of his voice (what I call the "Voice of Arkansas") as he booms over the air on US 97 in the mornings with Vicki Parker.  His "Treadway-isms" delight and entertain many on Facebook and the man has SO many friends there, it took him a solid three days to answer all the birthday wishes.

David B. is one of those rare personalities that somehow remain on earth amongst us mere mortals...even though he's been at lofty perch after lofty perch.  Thank you, DBT, for who you are; Mrs. Treadway is fortunate to have you, and we are too.  May you greet many more sunrises and see many more moons, and may the masses continue to wish you many more birthdays!



  1. He is the best out there! I'll tell you I could NOT have a better co-host every morning. I just kick back and let the Treadman drive this show into the highest ratings there is for our little piece of the airwaves. Yep...lucky and blessed chick. Working with a true Arkansas Legend. ~Vicki Parker

  2. Happy birthday, David B Treadway!

  3. Nice Console you are holding there. That looks like the Gates Yard.