Thursday, March 24, 2016

Barry Mac's Flashback Tracks is Now "On the Air"!

Our Blog's own Barry Mac, creator of "Tin Can Alley," has started a new weekly show, "Flashback Tracks"!  Here's what Barry had to say about it:

[It's] another weekly show that's more along the lines of Beaker Street, ...  currently airing on an Internet stream provided by Cumulus assistant engineer Daniel Appeloff, under the call letters of KDNQ.  ...  It will only occasionally feature some of the audio from the KAAY transmitter tapes, but I thought you might be interested anyway. 
Well, we definitely are interested! The first edition of Flashback Tracks is right here:

You will also find Flashback Tracks posted every week in the right column of the Blog, next to Tin Can Alley. 

 Thanks, Barry, for all the entertainment!

 ---Dave S.

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