Monday, March 14, 2016

Ear on Arkansas - The Ear Year 1968, Side 1

Many of you remember "Ear On Arkansas"...still others remember the "Ear On Arkansas" red album from 1967.  I have one that was given to me by one of The Greats, "Charlie King" (Charlie Scarbrough), that still has the plastic wrapper, albeit opened, and Jerry Sims' family has another  A. J. Lindsey's family has the only other one I know of.  I'm sure more exist.  For those who don't remember, here's are pictures of the red album from 1967:

It was said that this weekly feature, since 1964, was some of the funniest satire, often poking fun at Arkansas political figures.  It was also mentioned by some of the greats that, when the comedy team got stumped, they often called Howard Watson (a "Ken Knight"), who was able to whip something up in as little as 15 minutes.

Tony Meyer, friend of the blog, sent me a rare treat awhile back- sadly, I'd put it on the back burner while other material had been coming in and my own life got in the way.  (I've been working two jobs for three years and have only had time for a little rest or leisure time.  But that's no excuse!)  At long last, we bring you the 1968 "Ear On Arkansas" "blue DOUBLE album"!

Thanks to Greg Barman and his audio prowess, here is Side 1!

Stay tuned for Side 2!

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