Monday, March 21, 2016

Ear on Arkansas - The Ear Year 1968, Side 2

Appetite whetted yet?  As mentioned before, "Ear On Arkansas" was a weekly feature; it had been on the air Sundays at 11:30 and 5:30 (I suppose AM and PM, respectively), as mentioned in the album.  I'd never been able to hear it directly, that I remember, as the skywave only started to come in at dusk into Mobile, AL.

Not only did they poke fun at political figures, but other things as well.  However, both sides of the political aisle have accused "Ear On Arkansas" of being downright communistic or far-right wacko- of course, coming from opposing camps.  Nonetheless, the players of "Ear On Arkansas" were equal-opportunity offenders!

To be sure, KAAY and its staff got the idea from CBS' Arkansas affiliates "Eye On Arkansas", which was somewhat of an expose` program.  "Ear On Arkansas" surely chafed quite a few rear ends, while providing howling entertainment for its listeners.  Here's one more picture, this time of the inner flap, outlining some of the escapades and history of "Ear On Arkansas":

Once again, thanks to the audio efforts of Greg Barman, here is Side 2 of "Ear On Arkansas":

Stay tuned for Side 3!

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