Sunday, July 10, 2016

From July 10, 1977 -- KAAY's David Brian Treadway

Hey all, how about a re-post from the old KAAY Blog -- an aircheck from 39 years ago today.

I was in-between radio jobs, and took a long drive from the midwest out to the west coast and back.  I hooked up a cassette recorder to the car radio and airchecked stations along the way.  On my way back I drove thru Arkansas, eager to hear KAAY on the groundwave and capture it on tape.  This was Sunday afternoon July 10, 1977, and David Brian Treadway was on the air.  It sounded like KAAY was pared down to the very basics at this point -- I didn't hear any jingles or fancy voiceovers or ID's, just the jock, songs and spots.  

You'll hear that KAAY was promoting an upcoming Doobie Brothers concert with advance tickets going for just 6 bucks!   Hard to imagine that now.

Greg Barman


  1. R.I.P. David B. Treadway (went to Radio Heaven 2/7/2020).

  2. Having lived with his voice for 47 years, I can tell you that announcer is not David. I think it is Phil Rowe who worked as Phil Nort at the time.