Monday, July 11, 2016

"Hot Seat" Revisited.

I'd looked for a picture of the "reviled" yellow Funmobile for years MAY be by chance that one has popped up on Facebook!

To keep from re-explaining it all, here is the link to the original post, related by engineer Dave Montgomery:

It was also related by David B. Treadway that they hated the yellow Funmobile.  It burned on the side of the road one day, most likely from a leaky gas line, on the way back from a remote location.  here is the Facebook link:

I hope some more light can be uncovered on this; as in Mark Wallace's words:

"Mark Wallace Yes, I can fill in the blanks on what happened, Jay C. Jayson Brentlinger and I were bringing the vehicle back from a remote in Conway. I was behind it in a news car when I spotted smoke pouring out of the back. Jay pulled over and got out quickly and we stood and watched the vehicle burn to the ground in a matter of minutes. The fire department got there just in time for the gas tank to explode. I have some photos of it somewhere, I'll have to dig through some boxes. They figured out there was a leak in the gas line somewhere that caused the fire. That was a crazy day!"

And: "Mark Wallace

I don't remember it being yellow though. Perhaps it had been repainted. It was totally ragged out at the time anyway, it lived a good life. I spent many days in that thing at the State Fair giving away albums and tee shirts. I do miss those days. Radio just isn't the same anymore. 😔"
Well, it's all very interesting...we hope this IS a picture, we'll know for sure later, perhaps!

Thanks to all who is involved in this research, unearthed via Facebook!

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