Monday, July 18, 2016

Stayin' Up Late At Night....

I'd sent A.J. a note a number of years ago (posted 12/19/2007) about how I'd stay up late at night during the summer, listening to KAAY and Beaker Street:

"Beaker Street Theater Remembered
You know, Doc, I also remember when I was a kid, keeping that ol' Bakelite green Zenith table radio's volume 'way down, especially when that spooky creaking door opened on the Theater at 2:00AM! I'd be snuggled right at the edge of the bed, with my head as close to the radio as possible, while having the covers over my head! Of course, I knew that old tube radio generated heat, so I didn't put the cover on it! But, this was during the summer, while I was out of school and I could sleep a little late in the morning, until I got yelled at to go feed the chickens & cows! Heck, it was worth it! Lotsa spooky fun!

Oh, to have some of those recordings and airchecks of the Theater! Are any available?"
Since then, the players on A.J.'s blog have broken, the site not being maintained, since no one in his family had his password and could not send it on to anyone to continue maintaining the blog.  We here at The Mighty 1090 KAAY Blog have now become the leading authority and repository for many, many airchecks and full recordings of KAAY during many hours of the day, including prime time and Beaker Street!  This because of your kindness and your contributions, dear reader!
Thanks to the Lindsey family, giving us permission to continue on in A.J.'s tradition; we have done as much as possible to continue the legacy, and expand upon it for the enjoyment of all who visit!
Bud S. (

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