Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Doug Virden's Jump To The '70s

"Fast forwarding into the 70's, this is the 1974 listing for KAAY.  The studio and offices had moved to 7th Street several years ago.  There are also more department listings.  There is the studio, office, farm director, and the transmitter building number.  The telephone number at the transmitter is different from the previous listings since the phone company added a new prefix for Wrightsville.

Back cover:

...and the front cover":

Thanks again to Doug Virden for these pieces of history!

Again we are appreciative of anything regarding the history of KAAY, so even if you think something is not worthy, it very well may be- in the past, a single picture, item or audio bit has created a backstory or triggered memories that we can continue to share, so PLEASE let us know of your KAAY treasures!  We'll post them here!

Bud S. (staceys4@Hotmail.com)

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