Friday, April 1, 2011

Dave M's Best On-Air Joke, In His Opinion

Quite possibly the all time greatest on air joke was when KTHS changed formats and call letters to KAAY. The "Baby Elephant Walk" was played back to back and over and over again, non stop, while the Little Rock telephone book was read on the air. It certainly drew a lot of attention to the station, and was the talk of the town for many following days. (Not on April 1, though).

A recording of part of this can be found elsewhere on this blog -

(I believe this is what Dave is mentioning...check this link bs)

(Although this actually happened on Labor Day weekend in 1962, this WAS a pretty good prank! The saddest joke was when KAAY "went to be with God" on April 3, 1985 bs)


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  1. I recall KAAY playing "Baby Elephant Walk" and reading the phone book as we passed through LR on our way to Florida that winter. Little did I realize that years later I would become a broadcaster myself. My 1st radio job (January 1, 1968) was at KOTN in Pine Bluff, working for the great Buddy Deane. Later, in the 70's I helped pioneer the brand new AOR format and played album cuts on my "Album Review" show on 100KW Stereo KMAG broadcasting out of Ft. Smith. Clyde Clifford was at the helm of Beaker Street at the time. We used to talk regularly on the phone during our air shifts and play with listeners minds by playing the same song at the same time. Those were end end of days for "personality radio". It was truly the Golden Age of Radio and I am proud and honored to have been a small part of it.