Saturday, April 30, 2011

"Tin Can Alley", By Barry Mac!

Folks, if you remember awhile back when we mentioned that Barry Mac did "Radio Yesterday" at KAAY in the latter years, then a similar program called "Tin Can Alley" at another radio're in luck.  Even though Barry's no longer (yet) on a radio station, he's offering us the programs here on the Mighty 1090 KAAY blog!

These programs are similar in that Barry plays period music from KAAY's '62-'85 era and intersperses KAAY advertisements and jingles in the programs, just as they would in original programming.  It's a fresh look as it used to be, in a modern way.

We hope you'll enjoy Barry's programs; just look on the right-hand side bar and click on "Tin Can Alley" and enjoy the shows!  Thanks to Dave S. for his audio linkage wizardry, as well!

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  1. Speaking of "Tin Can Alley"...

    Barry Mac did a show on community radio station KABF 88.3 Little Rock AR back during the early years of that station in 1984-86 or so. It was hosted by him (under an pseudonym) and another DJ which played classic/progressive rock late on Friday nights/early AM Saturday mornings. I used to listen often with friends hanging out in our cars on the radio in rural Arkansas or after getting home for the evening.

    One feature, was briefly the old "Beaker Street" music bed in the Spring of 1985 after KAAY went gospel was used between sets.