Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Don Pietromonaco, KXOK's Johnny Rabbitt, passed away in California on April 18, 1997.

Don was my friend & mentor. I started working with him in 1965 at the old KXOK Radio Park Studios, and he was my strongest supporter & eternal confidant as I left to head for my first station in September of 1967.  And was truly excited when, on April 21, 1969, I did my first show at KAAY...throughout his career he'd never worked at a 50KW.

But, he was always urging me to get to a "bigger market", sending me Info of jobs around the country, wanting me to get back out to California after he relocated there from KRIZ in Phoenix. He invited me back out there time-after-time, and, when I visited, tried to find openings in the market at stations I could work at. Again, he was so happy for me when I moved to WDRQ/Detroit as, at the time, it was the 5th largest market in the country.

Don Pietromonaco was not only one of the most talented, creative Radio Personalities (when those words REALLY meant something) to ever sit behind a mike...he was one of the kindest, and most generous friends to ever enter my life.

Accordingly, I've put together a Special Tribute Page that contains his Rare "KXOK RABBITT PEPSI DEMO" from 1966. I've expanded it into a Special Tribute Page with much info, pix, documented dates, etc.

(One of the reasons I'm so proud of this Demo is that it contains a show I created for Rabbitt that took advantage of the "Batman" craze...I called it "Batrab & Goono".  You'll have to hear it to understand how Don's alter-ego, Bruno J. Grunion, adds to the mix !)

ALSO, I've pulled out some rare personal candid pix from my Archives that I've never shared before, and those too are documented & dated...with info on each one.  IN FACT, the one you see at the Top of this thread is from the KXOK Studio: Gary Lewis, me, and, Johnny Rabbitt the night of April 18, 1966: Exactly 45 years ago !)

I thought today would be the day to properly "Launch" the Page and here's a Link that will get you there: http://www.jonnieking.net/

And, I'm honored to share it with you, all of my KAAY friends who've been my "faithful companions" all of these years.

Many thanks,

Jonnie King

April 18, 2011


  1. Jonnie, you and I have had several conversations about Don- and I'm fascinated with them all! This is a wonderful tribute to Don...thank you for sharing.

    Folks, please visit Jonnie King's website; it is chock-full of wonderful radio history!

    Keep up the good work Jonnie! Bud S.

  2. Many sincere thanks Bud...you're the BEST !


  3. Hi, Jonnie. I've got a KXOK tribute page at https://www.facebook.com/flarrfan/ Would love to have you post, comment or whatever. There are a couple of links to your site there. Also, you might enjoy listening to my edited (music added) airchecks at my 8tracks.com site.