Monday, April 25, 2011

Good Trip, Bad News

Folks, I finally realized my almost-lifelong dream of going to Little Rock, visiting KAAY and the transmitter site.  Jerry Sims ("Sonny Martin 1963-1967"), David B. Treadway (the last Doc Holiday and Program Director), Charlie Scarbrough ("Charlie King", 1967-1969), Felix McDonald (engineer for KTHS and Chief Engineer for KAAY) and Barry McCorkindale ("Barry Mac", latter years) were all great hosts and tour guides.  I had a blast with them all and will recount the trip in posts to come.  However, I bear bad news....

While we were at the transmitter site, we were informed by Citadel personnel that the building is to be bulldozed within the next year, probably before the end of 2011.  We are posing questions as to what may be saved, but no information is forthcoming.

More later as news develops.

Bud S. (


  1. One of your readers (not me) had forwarded this to Glenn Hauser whom has posted this item to the latest issue of DX Listening Digest #11-17 last night (April 28, 2011).

    This of course brings out all sorts of speculation and questions. With the coming purchase of Citadel by Cumulus Media, is KAAY going to rebuild at a new site, build a smaller TX building or perhaps this is a sign of the owners (current and future) planning to take KAAY silent?

    Despite the history and channel assignment of KAAY, it seems that the 50KW AM broadcaster is a White Elephant and that maintaining the station has become a lost cause in an era of cutting costs and maximizing profits. I would love for KAAY to dump the paid religion and move (or simulcast) the 102.9FM programming or another format, but that is not likely. Although KAAY has few listeners these days, it would be a blow to the radio community for KAAY to go silent.

  2. Barry Mac is going to check and see if he can get the rest of the tapes out of the building before it gets bulldozed. A comment on the previous post, when Citadel purchased KAAY they were originally going to move everything on KARN 920 and 102.9 over to KAAY. The reason that didn't happen, is that 60% of KAAY's current revenue is made between 8pm-2AM. And were worried about losing all that revenue.