Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Clyde Clifford In For Phil North, April 15, 1972, Pt. 1

Thanks to Greg Barman, our "resident audio guru" for finding this tape, transferring it to digital and getting it in.  I don't think we ever had these versions, (part 2 to follow), but I do remember Clyde Clifford taking over for Phil North at one time.  Here's Greg's comments:

"This is an untelescoped aircheck of Clyde Clifford on KAAY from Saturday night, April 15, 1972.  But he's not doing Beaker Street, instead he's doing Top 40, subbing for Phil North.  Apparently, Phil was called away unexpectedly so Clyde came in a few hours before his regular 11PM Beaker Street show and played the hits.  The faster-paced Top 40 format really isn't Clyde's forte, the results are interesting, but he got the job done, including two 5-minute newscasts.

"I got this aircheck from a collector in Iowa about 10 years ago and I don't know anything about who originally recorded it.  It's local reception, an untelescoped recording starting around 9:30PM with a few breaks or blips here and there.  Note the 2nd song after the 10PM ID and the singover jingle over the intro to Ocean's 'Put Your hand In The Hand.' "

(or download here)

Part 2 is to come...

Many thanks to Dave S. and Greg Barman for continually digging in "the pile"!

Bud S. (staceys4@hotmail.com)


  1. Love the unscoped stuff... please keep it coming!

  2. I'm proud to say that recording originated with me. I dubbed it in 1992 from a batch of tapes Pat Walsh loaned me. (I love it when I find something that I know was launched into the trading circuit from my recording deck!)

    In thinking back, I seem to remember doing an aircheck trade with a guy in Iowa about 10-ish years ago, so it's likely I sent him a copy of this. It's a wonderful recording, with such goodies as an old Sambo's commercial (10¢ coffee!), and even a skip in the record on "What Becomes of the Broken Hearted."

    For someone not fond of regular top-40 as Clyde seemed to be (going by a couple of snarky bits, like "Rockin' Robin"), he was clearly having fun. It's one of my favorite KAAY airchecks.


  3. Hello Russell, and thanks being the source of this aircheck and identifying how it came about. Funny how these things get passed around. - Greg B.