Monday, September 23, 2013

KAAY Beaker Street - Clyde Clifford, June 2, 1972 - Continued

In June, this aircheck was re-posted from the old blog.  Actually it was the first hour of a THREE-hour telescoped aircheck of Beaker Street from the night of June 1-2, 1972.  I don't think the last 2 hours of the show have ever been posted.  So here they are, starting at Midnight June 2 and running thru the beginning of Beaker Theater at 2:00am.

This was DX reception of KAAY at my home in Evanston IL, just north of Chicago.  The signal varied but as you'll hear it often boomed in as strong as a local station.  Simply amazing.

Clyde's playlist for these two hours included:  Hawkwind, Daddy Cool, Steppenwolf, Joyous Noise, Vigrass & Osborne, Dust, Arlo Guthrie, Foghat, The Chambers Brothers, Spooky Tooth, and Mason Proffit.

Greg Barman

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  1. I am really glad to have this old audio! Keep posting and sharing!