Friday, September 6, 2013

Reader comments....

From time to time we receive comments, which we happily attach to the relevant posts.

Sometimes it's hard for readers to see when new comments are posted.  So, here are a couple of comments that arrived in the past week, and they are interesting enough that they deserve a posting of their own:
I recall my friends and I sometimes driving around to find a spot to catch the bounce so we could listen to your show. For us in the Twin Cities, Minnesota, there were certain areas where your station would come in pretty good without the signal dropping fully and some areas where is would fade out completely at times. But it didn't always stay that way as nights with weather disturbances would move things around. Most of us would pile in 1 or 2 cars and drive to the closest hot spot was previously and see how it was. If the signal would fade out too often or for long periods of time, it was on to the next spot or explore for another place to hear those tunes and your commentary/insights on the music. That bit of adventure sometimes made the journey to listen all the more interesting. Needless to say, we all enjoyed the time spent with you and getting down with the music and the psychedelic sounds.
on Clyde Clifford - Then and Now
Coz  on 8/27/13

Speaking of the transmitter... HELP !!!!! I can't find anyone to communicate with (like maybe Dale/Clyde) about a burning Beaker Street question. WHAT was the intro montage of songs Dale would play at the START of each Beaker Street in 1968? Specifically, part of the montage was a male singer/group singing "Candy, my vibration".... or something. Almost like Deep Purple... but it wasn't them. Does ANYONE on the planet know what that particular song in the intro snip was from? I can't find it anywhere... can't find a reference to it... yet I KNOW I didn't dream it... esp since I listened to Beaker Street about every night it was on in the 60s.
on VIDEO: A Visit To The Transmitter Site
Anonymous on 8/23/13
 Would anyone like to comment on the comments...?

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