Thursday, March 13, 2014

George Jennings Photo From Paul Kirby

Per Paul (affiliated with Vicki Worthington's San Antonio Radio Memories website):


Attached is a photo that Vicki recently received. From what I understand, it was taken at a get together at a restaurant after George Jennings' memorial.

I am not sure who the people are in the photo, but you can see a photo of George in the photo.


Thank you, Paul!  Folks, Paul is full of stories about his time on the radio in San Antonio...he knew George Jennings and his success in the Texas radio markets, as well.  Please be sure to visit San Antonio Radio Memories when you can- enjoy the efforts of Vicki Worthington as she strives to bring radio history forward in her website:

Her book was a wealth of information, too!  Let her know how you like her website.

Thanks to Paul Kirby for the picture of our own George Jennings!

Bud S (

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